Act IV Interlude

Act IV


[Curtain is down; lights up downstage]

[Narrator enters from stage right and walks to center stage]

Narrator: Whoa…..that was a bit of a new wrinkle, wasn’t it?

Not exactly the trajectory we anticipated for our hero as he was adjusting to the

Cochlear Implant.

Let’s visit for a minute while we wait for the story to continue….

Dizziness is weird part of the human condition it seems. I read somewhere that half the US population will see a doctor about dizziness sometime in their life.

Turns out that after headaches, dizziness is one of the most common complaints a physician hears from their patients.

Our hero is about to learn a lot of things about dizziness and how many things cause it.

He’s already learned about Cawthorne Cooksey Exercises.

The retraining has started.


However, one of the most intriguing aspects is something he already knows about:

Like deafness, dizziness is a nearly invisible malady.

Pervasive and Invisible

Maybe not everyone who stumbles on a stair or over a curb is feeble, drunk or on drugs.


The world is a crazy place and it makes us dizzy !

But I hear there is a lot that can be done with rehab….

Let’s see what our hero can figure out about what to do about it.

….…the tale continues.


[Narrator crosses stage and exits stage left]