Act IV

“House Lights Please”

[Lights come up on a bare stage…Narrator walks to center from stage right

We’ll, that was quite an intermission, ….especially since the snack bar is still closed.

Those of you still in your seats have been incredibly patient.

I know I promised to come back out if anything “interesting” happened and I may have let you down there.

While there was a cosmos of “interesting things” since we were last together…..I just kinda figured you’d hear about them anyway and frankly, …..I really didn’t feel like talking about most of the stuff.

Finally, not much of it was relevant to the story we are trying to tell here…stay focused right??

Hey , did you notice that the Ghost Light is gone? Yep, the actors are getting ready to continue this bit of theater..tho admittedly it looks a lot like real life.

Since its been awhile, let me recap the story:

Hero loses his hearing

Gene Therapy exciting…. But no help.

Cochlear Implant changing

And that’s where we are.


Next chapter….Let’s play “Train the Brain “

So get comfortable, we’ll drop the curtain now and when it raises again, we’ll get on with the story.

[Narrator steps back and curtain lowers; House light dim]

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  1. Ken Miracle July 11, 2022 at 5:54 am

    Looking forward to the Actors return 🙂