Waiting Is The Hardest Part

At least that’s what everyone says !

And waiting I am. On November 29th 2018, thirty days after the surgery, I went back to Kansas City for an intensive round of hearing and vestibular (balance) testing.  There was no dramatic result to report. However, no one involved (except perhaps me 🙂 )expected there to be. Too soon.

However, I seem to be in a pretty good place no matter what outcomes there are from the gene therapy.  Not finding it that hard to wait and see.  Every once in awhile I do catch myself thinking …oh, I think I am hearing a little bit better out of that ear. Or the next time, hmmm I think my tinnitus is actually worse. The mind is an amazing thing and it does like to play games. Even so, for the most part I am ok going along to see what the facts are… what the evidence shows. What can be learned.

This first human gene trial is all upside. Some of us are going to be helped and the mechanics and magicians are going to know more and see what to do better.

I return after Christmas on Dec 28th for the next round of hearing tests and I am told that if there are going to be changes we should be able to see (hear) and start measuring them by then.

So the waiting continues and I try not to let my imagination get the best of me in the meantime. Hi Santa !

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  1. Ken Miracle December 4, 2018 at 4:23 pm

    Thanks for the update and what your doing to help others in the future.