Act II Scene 3

[Stage lights go dark briefly]

As the lights come up, this is the scene…..

We are at our protagonist’s alma matter in New York City. It’s an event in the historical library. It’s like countless others we have been to. Several hundred people seated at circular 10 top tables. All talking loudly as waiters are trying to serve dinner while a live musical ensemble plays as well. It’s a nice celebration and somewhere..yes…there he is …our hero is seated at a table right in front of the live music.

But wait, he seems to be having an animated conversation with the gentleman on his right and one of the honorees (a scholarship recipient) on his left.

This is no dream sequence..this really just happened and if I wasn’t having such a good time , I would have been in tears. It was emotional.

Just one month ago, that would have been me smiling and nodding and pretty much in complete isolation for the entire event.

While the MC spoke, it would have been a good time for me to quietly eat my salad..

For the first time in many years I was able to participate. Inspiring or mundane, I could hear the podium speakers well enough to make the distinction. Two very bright and interesting people that I had never met are now added to my universe. Information was exchanged. Personal stories were shared. Real social engagement in an environment that formally would have been prohibitive if not oppressive.

All because the nice folks at MedEl made a piece of hardware that my favorite surgeon, Dr. Staecker stuck inside my head. The Cochlear Implant slowly is liberating me from a confinement that was more severe than I truly comprehended.

[Stage lights dim once again]


  1. Ken Miracle November 22, 2019 at 12:39 pm


    My loss was never as severe yet I still know that banquet room isolation.

    Wonderful to read about “Scene 2”.

  2. Mary Jo West November 25, 2019 at 1:07 am

    So THRILLED for you! You have inspired us all. Happy Thanksgiving, Rip. Mary. Jo